Personal Data Collection Statement

MONIC – Domain Name Registration

This statement explains how MONIC manages the personal data collected in handling the Application and Renewal of Domain Name Registration service processes.

  1. Regulation on Domain Name Registration of the MONIC
    The Macao SAR had appointed MONIC (Macao Network Information Centre) to manage and operate the Macao country-code Top-Level-Domain name, “.MO”. For the latest version of the rules and regulations for domain name registrations.
  1. Purpose of collecting personal data
    The purposes of collecting personal data from MONIC are to:
    • Manage the registration service of .MO
    • Provide relevant registry, technical, administrative and industry information to registrants and relevant contacts
    • Ensure the quality of the service
    • Ensure the security of the service
  1. For operating the domain name registration service, MONIC will require the following information:
    • The name of the organization and/or agency
    • Detailed, current and accurate contact information of the representative and the agent (e.g. Address, telephone number, email address etc)
    • The copy of Business registration certificate, organization registration certificate, declaration of business establishment, sales tax collection notice and/or other related documents
    • Application form and other necessary and related information for domain name registration
    • The duration, the transmitted and received data and operation records etc. recorded while the user browses the MONIC website
    • All transactional data received and logged by the MONIC operations for the .MO registry
  1. The usage of the personal data collected from managing the application of domain name registration
    Due to the captioned purpose, MONIC can look up the recorded information, such as name, contact information of the corporate representative and the agent and the user online activity record etc.
  1. Handling domain name related information
    • MONIC and its authorized personnel have the right to look up the above mentioned information and record. All authorized personnel should follow the rule from this statement and keep personal data confidential
    • Upon written request from the authorized government departments who have the right to supervise and coordinate the domain name registration of Macao SAR, the related information will be submitted to that particular department or organization for further handling
    • When there is a criminal investigation and under the circumstance that we have to comply with the law, the related information will be submitted to the police department, legal department or other authorized organizations upon written request from the authorities and/or otherwise authoritative notices
    • According to international practice, a domain name registration center would provide publicly searchable WHOIS service to assist in technical and administrative coordination on the Internet. Registrants must agree to the terms and condition of the WHOIS service prior to browsing the related information
  2. Retention of Data
    Personal data will be kept only for as long as necessary to ful fill the purpose for which it is being collected. We may also retain archived data for statistical purposes.

  3. The result of violating this statement
    Violators of this statement shall be held responsible.
  1. The right of the user
    Users hold the right to obtain information pertaining their record(s), to review and to object under the laws of Macao. To exercise the right to review your information, you should send a formal request to the administration office. Handling costs may be applied.

This Personal Data Collection Statement is subject to change without prior or separate notification. Any changes will be posted to our Web site and shall be effective upon such posting for all data obtained.

Last update: 1 March 2018